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“To my friend, Elisabeth, Thank you for your invaluable help." 


Elisabeth Howard warms up STING backstage at the

Grammy Awards 


“This training has carried me through years of professional singing…”

Paige O’Hara,~voice of Belle in the film, “Beauty and the Beast.”


“Thanks Liz for helping find my voice! What can I say? You’re simply THE BEST!”

~Priscilla Presley


“Your professionalism, depth of knowledge  and commitment to NATS are truly exemplary”

~ Scott McCoy, NATS President review of NATS/MTNA Music Theater III in Seattle


“I always suspected that singing would be easier than it looks. You have proved it!”

~Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police


“Thanks for making the bird fly out of my throat!” 

~Andy Summers, guitarist for The Police


“She’s the best!” 

~Albert Lee, guitarist, Grammy winning recording artist


"Your student (Music Center Spotlight Winner) Jonathan was so good last night! Your work is so evident in his healthy sound"

~Karen Morrow, Veteran Broadway Performer


"I seriously believe I wouldn't be doing this without your tutelage. You de-mystified singing & taught me that what we're born with, is good enough :) Much love, always."

~Cortes Alexander At Vitellos, Los Angeles

"Elisabeth Howard again gave brilliant insights into vocal production and performance. Any working vocalist could benefit from her group or one-on-one sessions. Bravo."

~Elizabeth Doyle



"Much agreed - great experience with tangible take-aways. Elisabeth can speedily diagnose and educate w/specifics to help improve vocalists at all levels."

~Piccolina Zoo

"This was a fantastic workshop!  Elizabeth is a great vocal teacher!"

~Barbara Smith