Vocal Power Method to teaching Contemporary Commercial Music: Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, Jazz, Country

What You'll Learn

Vocal Technique

  • Power and Projection

  • Head Register

  • Chest Register

  • Falsetto

  • Blending Registers

  • The "Mix" for SAFE belting

  • Vibrato Styles

  • Dynamics 

  • Vocal Colors

Vocal Styles

  • Expressive Singing

  • “Licks” and “Runs” 

  • Improvisation

  • Phrasing

  • Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Music Theater and Classical

Teacher's BORN TO SING! Toolkit Includes

Toolkit Manual

SING! Ebook

Embedded Audio Tracks

Born to Sing

Instructional Video

Vocal Power Method

Workshop Video

Seven Bonuses with VPM Toolkit

Two Bonus MP3s

Five Bonus PDFs

SING! Aerobics

Daily Workout

  • Getting Started​​ & Guidelines

  • Setting Up the Studio

  • 10 Musical Theater Audition Tips

  • CCM Song and Singer List

  • Bonus CCM Vocal Power Exercises

SING! Super Vocals

Advanced Techniques

Vocal Power Trainers Testimonials


Vocal Power Method Toolkit 

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FAQ's & Special Download Notes

What app do I need for my Ebook?

You will need an iTunes account to read the Ebook(s). 1. Sign into your iTunes account on the iBooks app. 2. Drag the Ebook from your Vocal Power Method Toolkit Folder into your iBooks app.

How to download on a PC:

The Vocal Power Method Toolkit was created using Apple products. If you are having trouble unzipping your folder you will need to have the 7-zip File Manager downloaded on your pc, which should already be on your PC, if not here is the official website: https://www.7-zip.org/ Follow these steps to unzip your folder: 1. Open the 7-zip File Manager, then search for the folder you want to open. Find your zipped folder by searching in the address bar. Follow the trail until you get into your downloads folder. 2. Once the file appears in the app: 1. Right Click on the Name 2. Click 7-zip 3. Click Open Archive 4. Click Zip

Special notes for PC users:

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  • You will need a PDF reader on your PC to open the PDFs properly.
  • If you have difficulties listening to your MP3, it will play well on iTunes Music.

Can I add the Ebook to my Kindle?

Use this link to convert the ebook (EPUB) to Kindle MOBI format for free: https://www.sendepubtokindle.com/ **Instructions provided within the link provided above.