SING! eBook AUDIO FILES for Technique -Style-Sing Aerobics & FULL BONUS VIDEO   


SING! Featuring the original Elisabeth Howard Vocal Power Method of Singing. This Voice Training Program COMPLETE AUDIO FILES  focuses on the following:

Singing Techniques such as power, range expansion, vibrato control, volume, dynamics, pitch;

Singing Styles such as Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, Broadway, Phrasing, Improvisation, Personal Style;

Super Vocals, which includes "Licks and Tricks" for every style;

Sing-Aerobics, which includes a 30 minute (at home or in the car) workout for the male and female voices.  

CHAPTERS:  Breathing, Support, Focusing the Vocal Folds, Articulation, Dynamics, Vibrato, Good Vibrations! - Vocal Colors and Resonance, Lower and Upper Registers, The Pop Sound Belt Mix, The Lower Mix for Female Singers, Blues, Imporvisation, Vocal Colors and Dynamics in Songs, Rock Style, Pronunciation in Song, Phrasing, Personal Style, Music Theatre, More on the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz

AlSO INCLUDED: Full length BONUS Video Download!