Interested in becoming a

Certified Vocal Power Instructor?

In the USA: Contact Elisabeth Howard HERE

In ITALY: Contact Anna Gotti HERE

Certification Requirements

  1. Purchase the Teacher’s VPM Toolkit for CCM

  2. Certification $750 - includes one hour Skype lesson and a final exam with Elisabeth Howard

  3. Must be able to play the I, IV, and V chords in every key on the keyboard to accompany exercises 

  4. Exam would include demonstration of how you would teach using Vocal Power Method exercises for the following:​​​

  1. Breathing & Support

  2. Power & Projection in Head and Chest Voice

  3. The Belt Mix

  4. Diaphragmatic Vibrato

  5. Colors - Chest, Mouth, Nasal, and Head

  6. Vocal Dynamics 

  7. Blues Scale & Simple Improvisation

  8. Be able to sing two CCM songs of different tempos with accompaniment, i.e. piano, guitar, cd, mp3

For information on founding your own

Vocal Power Academy

Contact Elisabeth Howard: