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“A talent to be reckoned with"
“As professional as they come.”

 ~ Music Connection Magazine review of her one woman show “Op’ra to Pop’ra”

“Elisabeth Howard wows the audience!”
~ Review of the Cypress “Pops” Orchestra concert in California

“There’s so much clarity in your teaching and I finally understand the function of these different registers.”
Sussan Deyhim, International Persian singing star and a long time member of Bobby McFerrin’s vocal ensemble “Voicestra,” 

“She’s the best!” 

Albert Lee, guitarist, Grammy winning recording artist

“The Vocal Power technique has been an essential part of developing my voice. Liz has helped me achieve remarkable feats and implemented techniques that will aid me for the rest of my singing career. Thanks Liz!”

Griffith Frank, vocalist for “Unusual Way” on the final track of the movie “Nine.” 

"I feel blessed to have had Elisabeth Howard in my life as a friend, vocal
coach and mentor for my entire professional performing career. Elisabeth
really pushed me to be the best that I can be and I will forever be grateful
for her guidance and friendship."

Nicole  (Pryor) Dernersesian

"You're the simply the best, Liz!"

Priscilla Presley

We will always know that you guided us through the Spotlight journey. You are the winner in our lives! God bless Jeri for recommending you at the perfect time in our lives as John prepared for college auditions. Imagine, you got your student, not only into Pepperdine, USC and UCLA, Chapman, Redlands, etc., but also into Mannes, Juilliard and Curtis! None of this could have happened without your teaching, your coaching, your guidance and your love!”
Joanna McCullough, mother of Johnathan McCullough, First Place Winner, Music Center Spotlight Awards, Los Angeles 

Your boy (First place winner, Johnathan McCullough, Music Centers Spotlight Award) was sooooooo very good last night!!!!!! I remember him from last year’s Honorable mention! His voice has developed beautifully and aside from just being another year older, your work is so evident in his healthy sound. You must be so pleased. Congratulations.”
Karen Morrow, Broadway Veteran, Master Class Instructor Spotlight Awards, Performance Coach, Los Angeles 

“Liz changed my voice and made it possible for me to star in an original 2 person musical, “eLove-A Musical.comedy”, written for my friend Lloyd Pedersen and myself by Wayland Pickard. “eLove” was just published by Samuel French with my name and Lloyd’s listed as the original cast! Everyone who knew my voice before eLove asked me after the show “Where did you get that fabulous voice?” Thank you, Liz!!
Bobbi Stamm, singer, actress 

“You are the best voice teacher I’ve ever had, and what you taught me changed my entire perspective on singing, and on my own abilities. You taught me how to find my own voice and gave me confidence to write my own songs. I am writing now because I have just finished my first solo album on which I wrote every song and co-produced.”
Mia Sable, Recording artist

“My life has changed  I started to sing publicly and had a great fortune to go to USA and to study in L.A. with NUMBER 1 VOCAL TRAINER in the WORLD – Liz Howard and her incredible Vocal Power singing method. THANKS LIZ!!! I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without the help from amazing people in Ireland, Italy and USA. I’LL DO MY BEST TO MAKE U ALL PROUD!!” 

Mony, artist Italy 

“I think you are an amazing person and teacher.”
Ellen Joy Johnson, Jazz singer. Past President, NATS, San Diego

“You have been a great teacher this year. You have really taken my voice to the next level! I can’t wait to continue working with you next year!" 

Joshua Tackett, Pepperdine student

“I wanted to thank you for all of your encouragement and for giving all of us the opportunity to perform for one another and for Cathy. It was such a special experience for me and I was proud to show all of the hard work you and I have put into my voice.”
Layla Briscoe, Pepperdine student

“I am so excited- I have been practicing what you taught me last meeting and I have been AMAZED at the change in the quality of the sound I am producing , and the ease with which the vibrato is starting to come now that I know where to put the support.”
Christina Kew, singer/songwriter 

“Elisabeth is very encouraging in her feedback. Whether it’s praise or constructive criticism, I greatly value her positive, honest and always uplifting teaching style. She creates the perfect atmosphere for artistic growth and exploration.”
Student, Pepperdine University 

“Liz Howard’s voice is versatile, rich and colorful like a healthy and flowering meadow in the spring. Her professional and patient teaching and her sophisticated techniques for all styles makes her to the best vocal teacher I met in my life. She is a great master.” 

Carlo Mausini, Founder of the MAUSINI Children’s Dance and Theater School, South Germany

“Now I have so much more confidence in my voice that singing is way more fun. I know my voice more intimately, so I’m comfortable doing whatever I feel is right for the song because I know I can do it.” 

Kathleen Smith – Singer/songwriter, Los Angeles

“Hi Elisabeth, thank you for your friendship! Susy is my great and beloved teacher and I participated to your wonderful lesson in Brescia. An experience which I will never forget. Thank you for all you taught me, and thanks Susy that gave me the opportunity to meet you and study your Vocal Power method. Hope to meet you again soon!” 

Eva Ghiraldini, Padua, Italy

Dear Liz, About a month ago I took an audition for my school musical, “When in Rome.” I didn’t care whether I would get a part or not but i was amazed at my courage and confidence that i had never seen in myself before! I just went in and sang and wasn’t afraid at all like before. I remember every year going to my audition unbelievably nervous, you could barely hear me sing and it was shaky and awful. But not anymore, and i owe it all to you. It turns out I did get a part, I am Julia, with singing and ALOT of lines, which i am memorizing now over break. It means alot to me because this is something I’ve always wanted and you helped me get it. I do practice and listen to my tapes and I think of the good times we had and i just can’t help but smile! 

Jenny DeMain, Wisconsin, age 12

“Just a note to tell you our training is paying off. We are really enjoying singing together. Keri was complimented by someone we sang for the other day that she sounds like someone who has been singing for 2 years even though it’s only been 8 months. Thanks for the great CDs and private lessons.” 

James & Keri Walsh – Los Angeles

“Congrats, Liz! You are a wonderful gift to singers! So grateful for all you give so generously to so many!” 

Lisa Kay Fletcher, CEO Fort Worth Talent, Fort Worth, Texas

“How you use your talents, wisdom, and intelligence is inspiring, Elisabeth! On top of that, you’re charming, witty, and beautiful!” 

Barbara Hendrickson, singer, performer

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